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IBA issues statement over recent altercation between its student and a KU teacher

Karachi University Teachers held a protested outside IBA's main campus.


The management of the Institute of Business Administration IBA Karachi, on Monday, issued a statement addressing the recent altercation between an IBA student and a teacher from the University of Karachi.

The statement reads: “Being an educational institute, the IBA Karachi understands the importance of teachers, holds them in high esteem, and imparts the same values to its students, staff, and faculty members.

The IBA Karachi strongly condemns any misconduct against teachers by any member of society. An altercation involving an IBA student and a faculty member from the University of Karachi is highly regrettable. The matter has been forwarded to the IBA Disciplinary Committee for necessary action. We will also invite a senior Professor of the University of Karachi to be part of this Disciplinary Committee”.

“The IBA has strict measures in place to discipline any misconduct and will not tolerate any act which would bring the institution into disrepute. We hope that the KU Teachers’ Association and the IBA will resolve the matter amicably and work towards the welfare of the teachers in the future,” the statement added.

While the teachers of the University of Karachi held a protested outside the Institute of Business Administration’s (IBA) main campus after students and guards allegedly roughed up a KU assistant professor.

Due to the protest, Karachi University’s academic sessions remained suspended.

The protest was organized by the Karachi University Teachers Society, demanding the “encroachments” on the varsity’s land to be uprooted. In wake of the incident teachers also demand the students’ admission to be canceled as well.

As being reported, the incident occurred days ago outside the IBA KU campus, when an assistant professor honked at the IBA students.

The students, with their guards, allegedly roughed him up at the assistant professor who was passing by in his car.


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