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IG Sindh Police orders inquiry of ‘alleged harassment’ of family in DHA

Reports of the inquiry will be furnished within two days


Inspector General (IG) of Sindh Police Dr. Kaleem Imam on Monday ordered an inquiry on the alleged harassment of senior citizens of Karachi by Counter Terrorism Department’s (CTD) Additional Inspector General (AIG), Kamran Fazal’s guards over his concern to pull over the citizen’s car.

The video of the incident is still circulating on social media facing serious backlash for the shameless behavior of CTD police’s AIG who had ordered the guards to stop the family’s car and sent them to speak to him.

The family repeatedly asked why they had been blocked off and why the AIG had been calling upon them. The police guards did not disclose anything they asked.

The confrontation was continued until the woman in her anger stepped out of the car with her cellphone recording the dispute to speak to AIG.

After the video of the alleged harassment went viral, IG Sindh police took notice of the incident and ordered deputy inspector general (DIG) South of police to conduct a probe on the matter.

The IG Dr, Imam instructed DIG South to interrogate with both the parties and report him within two days.

Earlier, AIG Kamran Fazal refuted the statement of the family saying that they were stopped because of reckless driving.

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