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Imran Ismail parts ways with Imran Khan, criticises PTI’s anti-establishment tirade

Imran Ismail has parted ways with Imran Khan after criticising PTI’s anti-establishment tirade!

Former Sindh governor and also a founding member of Pakistani Tehreek e Insaaf,  Imran Ismail while holding a presser at Karachi Press Club on Saturday following his release from jail, announced that he is leaving the PTI and resigning from all party positions.

“I have decided that I am resigning from positions of the PTI, as I am the additional secretary general and a member of the core committee.

“I am also leaving the PTI … Khan sahib I bid adieu to you and PTI.”

He also said he had not participated in May 9 riots and rallies and that he had taken the decision to leave the PTI after much thought and following his acquittal, “when I have no fear of being jailed”.

“I am not sure whether I will continue politics or not.”

Ismail added that it still remains to be determined who actually attacked military installations and monuments to martyrs on May 9.

“Whoever did the attack, we as a nation are united with one voice that there is an inquiry and they be meted out exemplary punishment whether they’re from the PTI or not. There should be an inquiry and punishment. Our hearts beat with our martyrs,” he said.

Talking about the PTI’s mass contact movement after its government ouster, the former Sindh governor said that a “diversion” came at a certain point.

“A diversion or narrative started being built that PTI was up against the army and in this narrative-building, many friends were uncomfortable and advised Imran Khan. […] Someone has to take responsibility and I’m not taking names but those who gave such [inciting] advice to Imran Khan should reflect and we called out with strange names such as ‘Mr X’ and ‘Mr Y’ and ‘Dirty Harry’.

“And then a thought became entrenched in common people’s mind that our confrontation was not with political forces but the establishment.”


Saman Siddiqui

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