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‘I will take to the streets again once I have recovered’, Imran Khan addresses nation from hospital

Here are the key points of Imran Khan's televised address

“I had already learned that there was a plan in place to kill me,” PTI Chairman Imran Khan said in his address to the nation from the hospital on Friday.

Khan is admitted to the Shaukat Khanum Hospital in Lahore, where he is receiving treatment for his injuries after being shot on Friday in Wazirabad.

Prior to his address, Imran Khan asked PTI stalwart, Dr. Faisal Sultan, to brief the nation about his health condition.

The PTI chairman claimed that as against initial media reports, he sustained four bullets in his shin. 

Dr. Sultan displayed Imran Khan’s X-ray reports on a screen.

He highlighted the details of the injuries that Imran Khan has sustained, including a fracture.

Here are the key points of Imran Khan’s televised address:

Imran Khan hints of continuing long march after recovery

Imran Khan has vowed to take to the streets once again after recovering from the attack on his life.

He said that he did not care about his life and refused to remain under the “slavery of these thieves”.

“As soon as I get well, I will give the call for the Islamabad and come out onto the streets,” he said, adding that Pakistan “wasn’t made for slavery”.

Imran Khan claims there were 2 shooters

PTI chief Imran Khan describing the attack in Wazirabad said that he was on the container when a “burst of bullets” was directed at him, which caused him to get shot in the leg and fall down.

“Then a second burst comes, there were two people.”

He said that if the two bullet sprays had been synchronized, he would not have survived.

“Because I fell down, I think he [the shooter] thought I had died and fled.”

He added that one suspect, claiming to be an extremist, had been arrested.

“He is not an extremist. There was a plan behind the attempt [and] we will uncover it.”

‘Assassination plot’

Accusing the government of plotting to kill him, the PTI chairman went on to provide details of how [government leaders and others] planned to assassinate him.

Khan said, “they used similar methods they tried using against [former Punjab governor] Salman Taseer”.

“They tried to accuse me of blasphemy to turn the public against me,” he said, adding that his party was not created under the patronage of any military establishment and he came to power after 22 years of struggle.

He reiterated his previous statement, saying that four people were planning to assassinate him, so he had filmed a video to reveal the names of those people. 

“The tape, which includes the names of four people, will be released if something happens to me,” the former prime minister had said in October while addressing a jalsa in Mianwali.

“I have been in the government for three and a half years, I know everyone in the institutions and agencies,” he said.

PTI chief Imran Khan has demanded the resignations of the three people he has claimed are behind yesterday’s assassination bid on him

“A nation isn’t free until it gets justice. All the three people involved [in the attack] should resign. Otherwise, the investigation won’t be able to proceed. You all have to come out,” he added.

PTI Chairman once again named COAS Bajwa

Imran Khan urged Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa to act now to prevent the country from heading down the path of destruction.

“If you don’t take action against black sheep. the nation […] will start breaking apart,” he said, urging him to put the country first.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan accused the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP)

He said that the body was involved with the incumbent government to sideline the PTI.

“In the July 17 by-election, the ECP resorted to all sorts of rigging tactics,” he alleged. “They employed all maneuvers to discredit me, resorted to mudslinging, and filed cases against me; government machinery was used and the election body stopped the implementation of electronic voting machines (EVMs).”

“[Despite all their efforts, the PTI still won the elections],” he said.

Imran Khan says his servants were paid to spy

Former premier Imran Khan revealed that his servants were paid to spy on him, adding that his phone calls were also recorded and leaked in violation of the Official Secrets Act.

“Every tactic which is used against the enemy was used against me.”

He went on to add that institutions like the Federal Investigation Agency said that they had “orders from above”.

“The nation is being destroyed like this,” he stressed.



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