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Imran Khan alleges govt of ‘trying to blackout’ his flood relief telethon

Imran Khan alleges the government of ‘trying to blackout’ his flood relief telethon!

Taking it to social media, PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Monday accused the incumbent government of trying to block the PTI-led telethon to raise funds for flood relief by “threatening cable operators.”

PTI chief hosted a telethon on Sunday, during which the PTI raised Rs5.2 billion.

In a series of tweets, former prime minister Khan said that the government first pressured TV channels to not air the telethon and then “threatened” cable operators who continued airing the programme.

“Imported govt of a cabal of crooks & their handlers stooped to new lows last night when they tried to blackout my telethon for flood relief fund raising. First, they pressured channels not to air telethon. When some channels continued to air telethon they threatened cable operators,” Imran Khan said in a tweet.


“This shows how petrified they are of our rising popularity amongst the nation. Also, they know no one trusts them with their money given their record of loot and plunder. So they sought to deny fundraising to aid flood victims just to get at me and my party. Unbelievable callousness,” Imran Khan added.

“Despite all this, we managed to raise Rs 5.2 billion in just 2 hours. I want to thank everyone who pledged incl our overseas Pakistanis especially those based in the US,” he added.


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