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Cabinet formally approves legal action against Imran Khan and his aides over ‘cypher’ theft

The cabinet has formally approved to take legal action against Imran Khan and his aides over ‘cypher’ theft.

The government will hold an inquiry into the audio leaks purportedly featuring PTI Chairman Imran Khan and his party leaders pertaining to legal action that could be taken after a steady stream of audio recordings surfaced.

Furthermore, the Federal cabinet was informed that a copy of the diplomatic cypher carrying the details of the US’s purported threat to ex-premier Imran Khan’s government has been missing from Prime Minister House records.

The cabinet formed a special committee that will determine the legal action to be taken against all those involved, including the former premier, ex-principal secretary to the premier, and senior ministers.

A handout was issued after the cabinet meeting declared that the “theft” of diplomatic cypher records is an “unforgivable crime” and a violation of the Official Secrets Act, 1923.

According to Cabinet Division documents dated October 1, the Friday meeting had constituted a sub-committee “to deliberate and recommend actions regarding the conversation of the former Prime Minister Imran Khan, his political associates and the then secretary to the PM, available on the internet regarding the cypher message received from Parep Washington (Cypher No. 1-0678 dated March 7, 2022)”.

“Therefore, the apex investigation agency (FIA) may be directed to inquire into the matter by constituting a team of senior officers, which may co-opt officers/officials from other intelligence agencies for the purpose, and to proceed further against the perpetrators in accordance with the law,” the memo said.

Furthermore, the cabinet was informed  that the audios purportedly featuring Imran and his aides exposed “the criminal conspiracy of the former government”, while the cypher was given “fictitious meanings for political mileage and subsequently it was stolen after fraud, forgery, fabrication.”

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