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Imran Khan finally gives PTI’s long march call

Imran Khan finally gives PTI’s long march to Islamabad call!

PTI Chairman Imran Khan addressing a press conference in Peshawar on Sunday announced that his party’s long march towards Islamabad will begin on May 25.

PTI Chairman has named the long March country’s “battle for real freedom” 

Imran Khan made the announcement after concluding a meeting of the PTI’s core committee.

“Today we held our core committee meeting and we made [important] decisions,” Imran Khan said.

Khan flanked by several party leaders, including Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Mahmood Khan, said, “The biggest [question] was when to begin the long march.”

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“I want to give a little background of how we reached here. There was a foreign conspiracy against Pakistan from the US. In this regime change, they used locals — the most corrupt people, who were ready to become part of any conspiracy to save their corruption,” he added.

“This conspiracy was hatched eight months ago and I was alerted about it in June, and after August, I fully understood what was happening. We did our best that somehow this conspiracy could be voided but unfortunately, we couldn’t stop it.”

PTI Chairman addressing his party supporters said, “On the 25 May, I will meet you in Islamabad on the Srinagar Highway,” adding, “You have to reach there at 3 pm. I invite all the women because I’ve seen your anger. I had never seen that before.

“I want people from all [walks of life] to come because this is Jihad, and not politics. I’ve decided and told all my team that we have to be ready to sacrifice our lives,” he added.

Khan also demanded a date for a fresh election as well as the dissolution of assemblies.

PTI Chairman also sent a message to the country’s military and asked it to adhere to its promise of “neutrality.”

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