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Former PM Imran Khan taunts Maryam Nawaz at Multan Jalsa

Former PM Imran Khan taunts Maryam Nawaz at Multan Jalsa!

The latest remarks from the PTI Chairman add to a new political low in the history of Pakistan.

“The way you (Maryam Nawaz) passionately take my name in your speech, be careful it may upset your husband (Muhammad Safdar Awan), Imran Khan said at the charged PTI supporters’ gathering in Multan on Friday evening.

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Calling names to political opponents is the worst new trend the nation has seen in the recent few months.

It was the other day when PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz labeled PTI Chairman a Fitna while addressing a public gathering in Sargodha.

For many netizens, including journalists and politicians, the comments from Imran Khan proved to be derogatory and didn’t suit the former officeholder to stoop such low.



The reactions from PML-N leadership also emerged on Twitter timeline in between all the mayhem.






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