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PTI Sarghodha Jalsa leaves Imran Khan’s ‘Ulti Shalwar’ trending on social media

Many at first did not understand why 'Ulti Shalwar' is trending on social media.

Imran Khan Ulti ShalwarImran Khan's 'Ulti Shalwar' | OyeYeah News

If someone has worn upside-down shalwar in a hurry, instead of making fun of him, he should be told to straighten up. Well, that should be the case in a hospitable society.

However, we as a nation love to mock others and make fun no matter what the circumstances are.

After holding back-to-back rallies in Sargodha and Gujrat, the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) is all set to hold yet another power show in Bahawalpur today.

However, after the PTI’s Sargodha Jalsa, the party’s chairman Imran Khan’s video clip has gone viral on social media, alleging that the former prime minister wore his shalwar inside out.

Many at first did not understand why ‘Ulti Shalwar’ is trending on social media.

What an irony, one-third of Pakistan is submerged under flood water, with more than 1300 people lost lives amid the deadly floods across the country and one of the leading political party continue to carry out its political activities by holding public rallies.

And at the end of the day, people are obsessed with discussing the pros and cons of wearing  Ulti Shalwar!


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