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India Cancels Salman Taseer’s Son Citizenship for Anti-Modi Statements

Aatish Taseer is a British-Indian writer and son of the slain governor

India Cancels Salman Taseer's Son Citizenship

In another move depicting lack of tolerance, Indian government has cancelled citizenship of Salman Taseer’s son Aatish Taseer. Aatish, an Indian-British writer recently wrote a column against Indian PM Narendra Modi over Indian atrocities.

As a consequence of the same, Indian government has cancelled the citizenship of the former governor’s son, citing fraud and misinformation as the reason.

Aatish had “conceal information that his father was of Pakistani origin” said the statement from Indian government, reported by BBC.

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“First they ruined my reputation by getting one of their men to call me a radical Islamist, and then they moved against me after leaking the story to the press,” Aatish responded to the cancellation order.

“My father’s name is on the citizenship document. I had no access to papers proving he is my father because we had no contact and my mother was not living with him,” he further said as he shared his non-resident Indian citizen status under which he pays taxes and has all documentation in order.

“They have accused me of fraud. They have blacklisted me. I cannot come into India as an ordinary citizen. My grandmother is 90 years old and lives in India and I may never see her again,” the slain governor’s son added.

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