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India orders Twitter, YouTube to take down BBC documentary about Modi

Centre Blocks Tweets Sharing BBC Documentary Critical Of PM Mod

India orders Twitter and YouTube to take down BBC documentary about Modi!

India: The Modi Question, the new BBC documentary criticises the Indian PM’s approach toward Muslims.

And obviously, it has left India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) fuming.

The first episode of the two-part documentary series was aired earlier this week on Tuesday on BBC Two, while the second part is due to arrive next week on January 24.
As reported by the local Indian media, India’s government has allegedly ordered Twitter and YouTube to remove links to the above-mentioned BBC documentary.
Following the Indian government’s crackdown, several tweets and YouTube videos from the documentary “India: The Modi Question” are no longer accessible.

India instructed Twitter to delete more than 50 tweets regarding the documentary, sources claim.

Trinamool Congress MP, Derek O’Brien is one of the opposition figures whose tweet about the documentary was deleted by Twitter.

“Censorship. Twitter has taken down my tweet about the BBC documentary. It received hundreds of thousands of views. The one-hour BBC documentary exposes how PM hates minorities,” O’Brien said in a tweet following the development.


The world is keeping a close watch over the action taken against the BBC Documentary:

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