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India PM Modi’s government easily defeats a no-confidence motion

India PM Modi’s government easily defeats a no-confidence motion brought in parliament by the opposition alliance on Thursday.

Thursday saw a fiery speech by the premier representing the Hindu Nationalist Government at the climax of a three-day debate on the no-confidence motion that brought over months of ethnic violence in Manipur state.

As reported, the no-confidence motion by the INDIA alliance was defeated on a voice vote after opposition members walked out of the house during an address by the prime minister, saying he was not answering the questions they raised concerning the bloodshed in Manipur.

The ethnic clashes in Manipur state have claimed more than 150 lives.

Modi called the violence “saddening.”

Saying that the country stands with Manipur, Modi added that peace would return to the violence-wracked state.

“I want to assure people that the state will soon be back on the path of development and we will leave no stones unturned for this,” he said.

“We will find a solution to this challenge together.”


Modi blamed the opposition, saying it was politicizing the issue.

Modi’s more than two-hour fiery speech was devoted to slamming the opposition INDIA alliance, which was formed last month by 26 opposition parties to put up a united fight against the BJP.

Accusing the INDIA alliance of misusing the country’s name to gain credibility, he called it a “congregation of arrogant parties.”

Modi also criticized the Congress Party led by the Gandhi family which has given the country three prime ministers but has suffered crushing defeats in the last two general elections in which Modi led his party to huge victories.


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