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India: The Modi Question; BBC documentary criticises Indian PM’s approach toward Muslims

India: The Modi Question, the new BBC documentary criticises the Indian PM’s approach toward Muslims.

And obviously has left the Indians and India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) fuming on Twitter.

The first episode of the two-part documentary series was aired earlier this week on Tuesday on BBC Two, while the second part is due to arrive next week on January 24.

“Narendra Modi’s premiership has been dogged by persistent allegations about the attitude of his Government towards India’s Muslim population. This series investigates these allegations and examines Modi’s backstory, as well as other questions about his politics when it comes to India’s largest religious minority,” BBC said in a statement.

In the first episode, BBC investigates Modi’s rise through the ranks of the leading right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), leading up to his appointment as the Chief Minister of the state of Gujarat in 2001.

That is the point from where the controversy starts. The BBC’s inquiry team had found that Modi had prevented the Gujarat Police from acting to stop violence targeted at Muslims in 2002

No matter how much the BJP government may try to cover up the truth, the world sees Modi for what he truly is!

“The episode examines in detail accusations that Mr. Modi failed to take sufficient action to ensure the protection of Muslims during the riots and discovers new evidence provided to western diplomats who criticised his conduct and uncovers first-hand testimonies,” BBC added.

“All allegations have been denied by the Indian PM and subsequent judicial inquiries have failed to find conclusive evidence of serious misconduct,” it added.

Here is how Twitter reacts to the BBC documentary:

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