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Indian girl’s gang rape, murder on bus, story gets dramatized by Netflix

Title, Delhi Crime, this will be a seven-part series and be released on Netflix on Friday


Jyoti Singh, a 23-year-old physiotherapy student, was atrociously gang raped and assaulted. The girl was then left to die on a bus in New Delhi by  five men and a teenager on a bus in December 2012. Now, after her criminals have been served justice, Jyoti’s story is being dramatized by Netflix.

Although the crux of the seven part series titled Delhi Crime, will be Jyoti’s story, the drama will however not depict what happened to the girl but instead will recreate the police investigation and the hunt for the six men involved in the crime.

Talking to the press, director  Richie Mehta , shared how he was first reluctant to create a series based on the horrific events. ”

Initially I was against the idea. I thought it was inappropriate for anyone to do it. But after I read the verdict and met some of the officers involved, I was amazed. The verdict detailed the manhunt and who these people were and how they were found,” told Mehta to AFP.

“I realised that this analysis of hunting these guys is also a way of understanding why these things happen,” he added further, claiming that the series will tell the perspective of the police officials involved in the case.

Delhi Crime, filmed in English and Hindi,  premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this year and was well received.

It stars Shefali Shah as the lead investigating officer, along with Adil Hussain and Denzil Smith in pivotal roles. The series premieres on Netflix on Friday.

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  • Why did he think it was inappropriate at first to adapt this story into film?

    This is happening in both India and Pakistan daily. There is lots of censorship here compared to India but these stories must be told and change must be brought. A European director made a documentary (Indias daughter or daughter of India – MUST see) where she interviewed one of the rapists, some lawyer /judge and it was horrific to view and hear their misogynistic views and victim blaming . It was hard to tell apart the rapists and the lawyer. What hope do the victims have? There is a reason this is common occurances. The documentary was later banned in India.

    I read about the story in the news. I was not prepared for the graphic details. It was sickening. They deserve hell for what they did. Systematic corruption and misogyny unfortunately work against victims and women.

    Telling stories which contain crime is not an insult to your country. It’s important for any country to be able to criticise and openly discuss this in society and not fall into the usual traps of denial and accusations of lack patriority in order to develop and stop crimes. How can you change if you won’t even talk about it let alone admit it happens and that it’s wrong?

    RIP sister Jyoti. May Allah grant you heaven. At least they can’t hurt you there.

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