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Indian Hospital offers free heart transplant surgery to Pakistani hockey legend

According to The Times of Indiaa private Indian hospital has offered to provide Pakistani hockey legend, Mansoor Ahmed,  with a free heart transplant surgery. The Fortis Group of Hospitals just made the big decision of performing a free heart transplant on Mansoor just less than a week after he made a request to the Indian government to grant him visa on medical grounds.

It warms our heart to know that our neighboring country’s government was kind enough to help Mansoor at the time of need and respond to him when he desperately needed help and that too completely free of cost.  Mansoor Ahmed, undoubtedly is a hockey legend for everyone who knows him in Pakistan. Over the course of his career, Ahmed has helped Pakistan with a memorable victory of bringing the Fourth World Cup home, against the Netherlands.

As soon as he found out that the Indian Government decided to help him in the most generous of ways possible, Mansoor was heart warmed. According to a source close to the hockey player before this big news came his waym, Mansoor said, “I may have broken a lot of Indian hearts on the field of play by beating India in the Indira Gandhi Cup (1989) and in other events but that was sport … now I need a heart transplant in India and for that I need support from the Indian government,” he said in an interview earlier this week. Humanity is paramount and I too would be obliged if I get a visa and other help in India”.

According to his currently appointed doctor, S. Naryani, in India, Mansoor will soon be returning to Pakistan upon his recovery and as soon as he is fit to travel. We wish you a speedy recovery Mansoor and hope to see you Soon!

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