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Inflation hits a historical high in Pakistan

Inflation rate increased by 3.35 per cent and the overall rate touched the figure of 42.31 per cent this week in Pakistan.

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Inflation hits a historical high in Pakistan, reaching a level of 42.31%!

The Bureau of Statistics in a weekly inflation report released on Friday has disclosed that inflation has reached the highest level of 42.31 percent in the country’s history

Inflation in the country reached an all-time high, with the weekly inflation rate increasing by a further 3.35 percent while the overall inflation rate in Pakistan reached 42.31 percent.

The cost of electricity increased by 68 paise per unit during the week, from Rs 9.08 to Rs 9.70 per unit.

The Bureau of Statistics in its weekly inflation report stated that the prices of 25 essential commodities increased in a week.

Tomato became expensive by Rs 18 55 paise per kg, live chicken became expensive by Rs 19 12 paise per kg.

The price of eggs increased by Rs 3 34 paise per dozen, while dal mash rose by Rs 1, dal mung rose by Rs 3 per kg, and the price of a 20 kg bag of flour increased by 36 paise.

Prices of mutton, onion, and milk have also increased in recent weeks.

According to Data Statistics, domestic LPG cylinders became cheaper by 3.46%, ghee by 1.16%, and dal masoor by more than Rs.1 per kg in recent weeks.

While the price of sugar also decreased in recent weeks.

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