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Inspire Her; A SuperWomen Of Pakistan Event

SuperWomen of Pakistan is an all-women Facebook group with over 30,000 strong and motivated Pakistani women. SWOP hosted an inspirational event ‘Inspire Her’ on Saturday at the Regent Plaza Hotel, Karachi. The initiative of honoring women entrepreneurs was taken by Nida S. Fahad; founder of the Facebook community SWOP to celebrate women empowerment and their entrepreneurial skills.

More than 200 women attended the event from every walk of life to learn, connect and be inspired by the guest speakers, who shared their journey from being a regular person to an entrepreneur. The event was divided into three major segments; Inspire, Conquer, and Rise. In which guests spoke about how to break barriers to realize true potential, the emotional dependability of an entrepreneur and being a self-made woman and how to kick-start an entrepreneurial journey.

Talk 1 was led by the Head Patisserie Chef of Marcel’s, Niha Akbar and Nageen Marfani – Founder Vogue Amour/Blogger. They talked about breaking barriers and realizing the true potential to achieving goals and fulfilling ones dreams. Talk 2 was led by Aseela Jaliawala – Motivational Speaker/Trainer and Varah Musavvir – Founder Firefly. They spoke about the emotional dependability of an entrepreneur and being self-made women.

A special segment was dedicated to Pakistan’s Drama and Film industry’s finest, Sarwat Gillani who shared her journey from being a regular woman to a star. While inspiring all the attendees she said, ‘Support and love yourself.’ Talk 3 was about how to start a business or an entrepreneurial journey, led by Humaira Anwaar – Development Strategist, Tech Pakistan, and Tehreem Pasha – Islamic Calligraphy Artist who gave insights of her line of work.

A special brief session was hosted by Pheby Haroon; co-partner of pH Solutions, ‘Inspiring To Be The Best Version Of You’ with three ambitious, strong and successful women of Pakistan. Sofia Bilgrami – CEO Stois, Maliha Rao – Founder Whimsy Beauty and the Chief Guest of the event, Nausheen Shah who shared her success story as well as motivated the audience by saying, ‘Be passionate about what you do, empower yourself, and be the best version of yourself regardless of the day-to-day struggles we all have to face’. All three women shared their inspirational journey and the hardships they faced along with the motivation that kept them moving forward to achieving their goals.

A small quick cooking session and poetry performance by Sarah Tanveer and Zehra Khan was also arranged to lighten the mood of the audience. Certificates and giveaways were distributed among the participants of the event.

PR for this event was managed by PH Solutions, a new venture by Pheby Haroon and Rasikh Ismail Khan.

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