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Introducing an intricate twist to your daily jewelry

Jiří Praus introduces jewelry made by delicate and savvy circuits


Wearing electronic is always trendy and exciting. Thanks to creativity, we now know how to create ourselves a pair of jewelry and ornaments that glow in the dark with the help of simple circuits.

The materials include brass wire, solder, surface-mount LEDs and ofcourse paper templates. Since its quite challenging to neatly bend the rods with hand, paper templates come to the rescue.

Template designs require a 1206 light, so if you want to add your own twist you need to plan accordingly.

On the other hand, you can also find flashing LEDs in that size so you can have a variety of blinkenlights that appears randomly when a circuit changes.

Through careful designing, Jiri Praus came up with a careful design. Brass rods are soldered to the LEDs, and additional rod is used to create an integrated holder for a coin cell battery, which powers the light.

The brass rods which act as the body of the jewelry also act as current carrying conductors. Therefore no wires needed!

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