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Irshad Bhatti reports a fake account making claims he has left Pakistan

Fact Check: The journalist is currently on Europe tour for fundraiser planned ahead

Irshad Bhatti reports a fake account making claims he has left Pakistan.

It’s been a day since #IrshadBhatti is trending on social media timelines, with claims that the journalist has left the country after receiving threats.

However, that’s not the case.

The senior journalist is out of Pakistan but for work!

Irshad Bhatti from his Instagram Account notified of a fake account being operational in his name.

It’s very alarming and unfortunate that people holding certified Twitter handles started to spread baseless information without any confirmation.

Though it’s not a big deal for the people working in the field of journalism to countercheck the facts, social media has killed the sense of responsibility and has hijacked the norms of reporting.

Senior journalist Irshad Bhatti is currently in Oslo, Norway to attend an event that was planned weeks ahead.

He will be heading to Denmark as per his Insta story update.


In this digital age if you can’t check the facts easily available by just simple clicks on the internet.


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Leave the use of social media at once before you cause a major disaster!

Go get a life! hate mongers on social media!





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