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Israeli air strikes martyred 24 Palestinians on Gaza Strip

Following the second day of continued bombarding from Israel on Gaza Strip, at least 24 innocent Palestinians have been martyred in airstrikes, after the assassination of Islamic Jihad leader Bahaa Abu al-Atta and his wife, Asmaa, on Tuesday morning.

A spokesman of the President of Palestine said the Israeli escalation must immediately stop.

He called on the international community to immediately intervene to pressure Israel to stop its continued aggression and respect international law.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has strongly condemned the Israeli aggression against Palestinians.

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In a statement, OIC held Israel accountable for the consequences of this dangerous escalation. It called upon the international community to shoulder its responsibilities towards providing international protection for the Palestinian people.

Meanwhile, the health ministry of Palestine released the names and ages of those martyred. The ministry has said that most of those killed were civilians.

  1. Bahaa Salim Hasan Abu al-Atta, 42 years old
  2. Rani Fayez Rajab Abu el-Nasr, 35 years old
  3. Ibrahim Ahmed Abdul Latif al-Dabous, 26 years old
  4. Mohammed Atia Musleh Hamodeh, 20 years old
  5. Abdullah Awad Sakeb al-Balbisi, 26 years old
  6. Zaki Mohammed Adnan Ghanameh, 25 years old
  7. Jehad Ayman Ahmed Abu Khater, 22 years old
  8. Khaled Muawad Salem Faraj, 38 years old
  9. Abdul Salam Ramadan Ahmed Ahmed, 28 years old
  10. Wael Abdul-Aziz Abdel-Nabi, 43 years old
  11. Asmaa Mohammed Hasan Abu al-Atta, 39 years old
  12. Ibrahim Ayman Fathy Abdel Aal, 17 years old
  13. Alaa Jabr Abd Shtiewy, 32 years old
  14. Suhail Khader Khalil Qunieteh, 28 years old
  15. Islam Raafat Mohammed Ayyad, 19 years old
  16. Raafat Mohammed Salman Ayyad, 54 years old
  17. Amir Raafat Mohammed Ayyad, eight years old
  18. Ismail Aymen Fathy Abdel Aal, 16 years old
  19. Momen Mohammed Salman Qaddoum, 25 years old
  20. Mahmoud Daham Mahmoud Hathat, 19 years old
  21. Ahmed Aymen Fathy Abdel Aal, 23 years old
  22. Mohammed Abdullah Sulieman Sharab, 28 years old
  23. Haitham Hafez Mohammed al-Bakri, 22 years old
  24. Yousef Rizk Khalil Abu Kamile, 35 years old

According to Middle East Eye, the Israeli government has called up several hundred reserve soldiers, as the Israeli army continues to strike the Gaza Strip following the assassination of a senior Islamic Jihad military leader in the besieged Palestinian territory.

Tensions in the region escalated when rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip towards Israel following the targeted assassination.

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