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Filmmaker Jami opens up about #MeToo account after 13 years

Pakistani filmmaker Jami Mahmood has opened up about his own #MeToo account that he went through 13 years ago.

The filmmaker took to social media and in a series of Tweets shared a brief account of his unfortunate incident, saying “I’m writing this now because #MeToo is under attack and I’m ready to partially vomit out my own experience”.

The ace filmmaker has revealed that he was raped by an influential media personality and after 13 years that horrific experience still haunts him.

“Why I am so strongly supporting #MeToo?” Jami said. “Because, I know exactly how it happens now – inside a room, then outside courts and inside courts. How a survivor hides, confides…”, Jami opened up about his #MeToo account.

“A giant actually and yes I’m taller than him,” the film-maker said, apparently identifying the rapist.

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“I froze not sure why Yesss it really happens and happened to me. To this day 13 years ve passed, I curse myself why I didn’t take his eyes out but I was so close to this guy a friend, doing his mega shoots for his mega high-end books and museum launches, etc maybe that’s why my system shut down…or I couldn’t believe WTF is going on.”, Jami further wrote.

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“Till this day, I don’t have the courage to come out and name him. It’s super tough,” he further added.

“I’m writing this now because #MeToo is under attack and I’m ready to partially vomit out my own experience. It’s all true what the victims say and how they say or hide. It’s all an exact same pattern a victim goes through, like clockwork as if DNA has an SOS gene to shut up or they all will rip you apart in society.”

Jami further shared how he dealt with the ordeal, revealing that he had to spend six months or so in Aga Khan with a therapist, was put on tablet Xanax, alprazolam used to treat anxiety and panic disorders and eventually he left the country for a few months to reboot himself.

He also revealed that the perpetrator attended his dad’s funeral robbing him of the chance to mourn his father in peace.

Jami also addressed the recent suicide committed by the Lahore lecturer on allegedly false claims of harassment, Jami wrote, “One wrongful death doesn’t mean all victims are fake and liars. I’m pissed that they are attacking the movement and victims so I’m coming here today after 13 or so years to say 99.99% survivors are telling the truth always. No doubt ever!”.

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The filmmaker concluded his detailed account by saying, “Ask Mukhtara Mai how it feels when the system doesn’t see a gang rape or victim or evidence or after conviction, let’s go the convicts. We find one sad case and that too has university admin fault partially for stalling the clearance process. The system failed him too. Truth! Stand for all victims all the time and it will be fixed. Selective activism is unjust.”.



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