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Jami reveals who raped him 13 years ago!

Pakistani filmmaker Jamshed Mehmood, popularly known as Jami, has revealed the name of the person who raped him 13 years ago. Now he says that journalists demand proof of rape allegation to print his story.

He also alleges that even after he named the person no one from the media dared to pick his story. Taking it to social media a few days ago Jami alleges that Haroon Hameed was the person who raped him.

In Pakistani publishing, media, art and culture communities, the name of Hameed Haroon is well regarded and widely recognized. He is also the CEO of Dawn.

“I’m sick of these Hameed friends making it all look like some joke. F**k u, Hasan. Yes, it is Hameed Haroon who raped me. F**k u all for backstabbing me even after I told u and when I came out u all still didn’t believe me knowing who im to u. What I ‘ve done for u. Sick”, he said replying to a tweet.

Ever since opening about his ordeal, Jami has been vocal about the #MeToo campaign with reference to Pakistan. He says earlier he was not ready to open up as it took him 13 years to be vocal about.

This time he took to social media revealing that he has been asked to provide proof of his rape allegation by a journalist in order to print his story in a particular publication.

Jami in his tweet wrote, “First it was if u Name him then we will Print. Now If u prove it then we will Print. I’m told younger ones r fighting for truth but the older journalist lot won’t let it print. They r part of the game. Yes, now u know u all r way worst than the agencies. Live with it hasan”.


After this revelation people have come forward voicing their support for Jami on social media:


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