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Jibran Nasir demands answer after alleged “illegal abduction” by Sindh Police

No Karachite is safe from the brutal ways of Sindh Police, unless you are a privileged individual in the state hierarchy. Every day, we social media is flooded with videos of either Sindh Police receiving bribes or assaulting citizens. VIP protocol in the name of security has given these criminal minded men more power to abuse and beat up citizens. Who can forget the broad day murder of Sarfraz Shah? Last year, an ASI and a constable were ‘suspended’ for smashing the face of a citizen with his fore arm. What happened with the inquiry is anyone’s guess.

Another incident took place today as well known rights activists and independent candidate for NA 247 was slapped, manhandled and thrown in to the Sindh Police van, for being unable to make way for High Court judge’s protocol. After, abducting him illegally, the judge inquired about the identity of the man. Upon knowing who he has, the judge ‘ordered’ his goons (what you call people who illegally abduct citizens?) to let go of Jibran. Thankfully, Jibran was able to shot a small clip from the van, in which he is clearly looking harassed and then a police man from the van pulls him inside the van and the video finishes.


Jibran, is now filling a complaint against the policemen and the said judge. So far, police has not submitted any compliant application or FIR against him, therefore this act is simply a case of illegal abduction. He has demanded that a permanent solution for the mannerism of Sindh Police and protocol system.

It remains to be seen how Chief Justice of Pakistan reacts to this incident. Earlier, he had come down hard VIP protocols for politicians. People of Karachi, would hope that he open this case with the same vigor and helps putting the abductors behind bars. Rather regrettably, even the party which complains most about the behavior of Law Enforcement Agencies have not made a public statement against Jibran Nasir’s abduction (Nothing on their official twitter handle or on TV as yet).

Jibran Nasir has demanded a permanent solution is found to this problems so that the people of Karachi don’t have to face this dehumanizing behavior from State bullies. Suspending the said police officer will not suffice.

One can only hope.

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