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Jibran Nasir Initiates #ImagineKashmir Campaign to Portray Alternative Reality

The pictorial campaign looks into lives of Kashmiris, had there been no Indian oppression

Jibran Nasiractivist Jibran Nasir took a different approach to address the grim reality - OyeYeah News

Pakistanis celebrated Kashmir Day in full spirit on February 5, and while a lot of talks happened on the facts and figures, activist Jibran Nasir took a different approach to address the grim reality.

In his latest campaign Case4Kashmir where he initiated #ImagineKashmir pictorial series, Jibran and his team brought forward stories of Kashmiris whose lives have been impacted by the Indian brutality, and an alternative reality had there been no oppression in the region.

“These are real-life stories, embedded with links of the articles I found them from. I would have preferred not doing this campaign and simply sharing the work of Kashmiri artists, but sadly their voices have been silenced. No one can hear them and hear from them,” said Jibran while talking to Express Tribune.


The activist added that in addition to physical lockdown Kashmiris are also in a virtual prison so he has attempted to ‘amplify their voice by using virtual means’ and sensitize the global community to Kashmiris plight.


“Whenever we see a Kashmiri suffering in a picture, it goes unnoticed because of how desensitised the world has become. There is no shock value left. It’s as if people have accepted that this is how it’s supposed to be,” he stated.

The pictures show imagery of Kashmiris in their current state, i.e. after suffering at the hands of Indian forces and then divide the frame with a better, possible reality if they are granted the freedom of living a normal life.

“I am hoping that when people see this, they are able to relate their own dreams with the Kashmiris and estimate the loss. This should be seen as a Pakistani effort that is inclusive of all religions and culture,” concluded Jibran.

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