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John Cusack Calls Out Modi’s Brutality and Fascism

After the recent Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) Modi government has passed in India, it looks like the dream of secular Bharat might just be a dream after all. A law clearly discriminating against Muslims – a majority group in India – CAA allows all non-Muslims, immigrants, to acquire citizenship in India and has erupted nationwide protests.

As an avenging step on those against the heinous act, a new act of barbarism was recorded in Delhi as hundreds of police personnel invaded the Jamia Millia Islamia University and its hostel on Sunday.

As a result, more than 100 students were injured by the gas shelling and beatings by the Delhi police.

While many big names of Bollywood remain mum on the brutal attack on students and activists, Hollywood actor John Cusack has come out in support of Muslims and called out Modi for the brutality and fascism in the name of politics.

“Reports from Delhi are it was a war zone last night – Fascism is not a joke – we use the word with the understanding it’s deadly,” tweeted Cusack.

He continued to share a series of tweets, particularly from Arundhati Roy – an Indian writer – to highlight the atrocities of Delhi police and the Indian government.

“Fascists in India trying to set students against each other – To cover for economic collapse of demonetization but they are standing together in solidarity with their Muslim brothers & sisters – This is fascism everywhere- them or us – Arundhati Roy,” Cusack retweeted Roy’s tweet.

“Stand with our Muslim brothers and sisters and students in solidarity being brutalized by Modi,” stated the actor.


John Cusack shared more than a couple of videos circulating on social media that showed Delhi police using unnecessary force on citizens and students at the campus. Earlier, Bollywood celebrities Pooja Bhatt and Anurag Kashyap were the only two to speak out in favor of Muslims.

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