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K-Electric’s faulty system is the reason for load-shedding, reports NEPRA

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) on Thursday revealed a report saying that the reason of load-shedding in Karachi is not merely the gas shortage but also due to the faulty K-Electric system.

According to the report of NEPRA, K-Electric could not even gain a target of low transmission losses due to the company’s overloaded capacity transformers that have also tripled.

During 2018-19, there were 808 overloaded transformers of KE, which have increased to 2,250 in just one year.

NEPRA report further revealed that with the faulty transmission system of KE,  additional power transmission from NTD is not possible as the power company’s transmission system is unable to carry more than 650 megawatts.

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