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Karachiites are roasting Indian media for reporting a false ‘Civil War in Karachi’

Karachiites are roasting Indian media for reporting a false ‘Civil War in Karachi’ on social media.

Distorting facts, brain washing people creating events via propaganda mechanism, we thought that was the tool to the Nazi era, but never knew will be witnessing such things in 2020.

After declaring cow piss a cure for corona, Indian news channels and disinformation accounts came out exploiting Pakistan’s current political crisis and falsely claiming that the country is now experiencing urban warfare and other serious instability.

Intersting to see that the false claims were post from a number of varified accounts on Twitter, with blue ticks and having massive following.

The Indian claims of a “Civil War in Karachi” are dangerous and very disturbing. And for many Karachiits, it has became joke for the year 2020.

People from Pakistan, including Karachiits are now roasting Indian media on social media.

 Its  the latest low in terms of false reporting and slap on the face of Journalism.

You can not under estimate the power of the meme brigade:


Saman Siddiqui

Saman Siddiqui, A freelance journalist with a Master’s Degree in Mass Communication and MS in Peace and Conflict Studies. Associated with the media industry since 2006. Experience in various capacities including Program Host, Researcher, News Producer, Documentary Making, Voice Over, Content Writing Copy Editing, and Blogging, and currently associated with OyeYeah since 2018, working as an Editor.

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