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Lahore based model-actor Sofia Mirza accused of kidnapping and money laundering

Lahore based actress and model Sofia Mirza has been found involved in money laundering incident, reports Express News. National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has accused the actress for being involved in kidnapping for ransom, money laundering, and other fraudulent activities.

NAB officials forwarded an application to DG FIA (Federal Investigation Agency), requesting for an immediate action over the illegal activities associated with Sofia Mirza.

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The actress has been accused of the involvement in a fraud and kidnapping incident two years ago. She has done many roles in numerous TV serials, however, gained popularity is the sitcom Susar in law.

She also hosted popular Samaa TV show, SAMAA KAY MEHMAAN WITH SOPHIA MIRZA.

However, Sofia Mirza has denied all such allegations, and claims that all the  rumours and hearsay are being propagated by her ex-husband who now resides in Norway.

While talking to the Express Tribune, Sofia Mirza said, “This is a conscious attempt by my husband to spread fake news about me, so that the settlement of our children and assets can go in his favour“.

She has categorically refuted that she was approached by NAB or any other investigating authority in regards to any investigation.

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Earlier in 2015 supermodel, was arrested at the Islamabad’s Shaheed Benazir Bhutto International Airport while boarding a flight to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) carrying $506,800 without the permission of the State Bank of Pakistan.


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