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London Police bans protest at Avenfield flats

London Police bans protest at Avenfield flats!

The development comes after PTI supporters in London started protesting outside Avenfield flats, the residence of PML supremo Nawaz Sharif, soon after Imran Khan’s arrest in Pakistan but some refused to leave after the 9 pm (local time) cut-off time.

As reported, Metropolitan police have placed a dispersal order outside Avenfield House under Act 35 – Anti-social Behaviour, crime, and Policing Act 2014.

There is a police van outside Avenfield House now issuing a warning. Police have banned any protests near Avenfield for now.

The Police say it reserves the right to arrest anyone disobeying the order, while a police van is also posted outside Avenfield House.

On the other hand, UK national PTI activist Shayan Ali claims that he has dealt with the restrictions placed by the police to stop protests outside Avenfield.

“A protest will be held outside Avenfield at 2 pm, I will then lead the crowd to Shehbaz Sharif’s house,” he posted on Twitter.


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