Marilyn Monroe statue stolen from top of the Hollywood Gazebo

The gazebo lost its Marilyn?


Officials claim that someone climbed the Hollywood gazebo and sawed the statue off. Los Angeles Councilman Mitch O’Farrell says a witness saw someone climb the gazebo on the Hollywood Walk Fame and saw off the statue.

The statue was was last seen sitting peacefully on top of the silver gazebo-style artwork celebration women in film, and it depicted the star, Marilyn Monroe, in her iconic pose from ‘The Seven Year Itch’.

The gazebo is a popular spot for tourists along the Hollywood Walk of fame, losing its iconic statue has definitely saddened everyone. “I am calling this the great Marilyn caper of 2019″, Councilman Mitch O’Farrell said, “We have a witness who saw someone climb the gazebo and saw off the statue at the top and its a Marilyn Monroe image”. The investigation is on going as fingerprints have been recovered from the gazebo.

The Hollywood Gazebo dates back to 1994, and pays a tribute to women in film, with depictions of Mae West, Dolores Del Rio, Anna May Wong and Dorothy Dandrige making up the structures pillars. The Marilyn Monroe statue was placed on top of the structure.



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