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Meera To Leave Pakistan For Good!

Even while news of a film being made on Meera’s life by ad-film maker Saqib Malik are doing rounds on the circuit, we bring you news that Meera Ji has decided to say goodbye to Pakistan for good and move to the US.

The actress shared a tweet on her official Twitter where she mentioned she was leaving Pakistan and moving to either Canada or the US as she had nationalities for both.

Meera Jee does not want to comment on the issue further but sources tell us the actress has already settled in the US already. We wonder whom she is now living with, since Meera Jee herself claimed to be getting married and leaving Pakistan with her husband, to a leading daily, last year.

For now, the industry perhaps will have to do without the Lollywood Queen and her antics which leaves us wondering about the film that was in the works about her life and career.


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