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Blingy, Gaudy and Extra, This New Mehwish Hayat Ad is a Little Too Much

A famous biscuit brand just launched its latest advertisement today, featuring Pakistan’s superstar Mehwish Hayat. The ad featuring ‘des k rang’ meaning cultural diversity and representation is nothing short of a cultural shock or so was what we felt.

From a change of five or maybe six outfits (because we kinda lost track after third dress), to weirdly choreographed dance moves defying all province’s cultures, the ad went straight in our face and out our ears.

And can we please stop selling biscuits with dance numbers already? It’s not cool anymore!

While we would generally be a Mehwish fan and cheer her on, she really needs to up her styling and hair game which felt way over the top in this latest ad. And on another note, Mehwish who has always impressed us with her in depth opinions kind of fell short to see this ad’s cultural appropriation and downgrading of the ‘des’ it tried to very much represent.

In short, dance was a mess, music and vocals were unpleasant and the execution seemed like a low classic, epic fail. You could do better des k biscuit, we loved you till you decided to make us cry like this.

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