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Mehwish Hayat wants ex President Pervez Musharaff to be dealt with some dignity

Mehwish Hayat is not only a good actress, but she’s also a vocal advocate for girl’s rights and firmly believes in the causes she fights for. The actress, a Tamgha e Imtiaz winner is also a hardcore Pakistani at heart, standing firm for the country on all international and domestic platforms.

Recently, the Punjab Nahi Jaungi starlet took to her Twitter, to rally support for the ex-president of Pakistan, Pervez Musharaf, stating how the ailing man deserved dignity in being dealt with.

“Let’s put politics aside for one moment. This man was our President & guided us through some very difficult time. Like him or loathe him, he deserves the opportunity to be heard,” wrote Mehwish on her social media.

Pervez Musharraf has been residing in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for a while now. The ex-president of Pakistan was admitted to the hospital last week after his health deteriorated. Musharraf’s close aide and the ex-chairperson of the All Pakistan Muslim League (APML), Dr. Muhammad Amjad, said that Musharraf was rapidly becoming weaker due to an unknown disease, which is why he was unable to return to Pakistan to face the treason case.

The video indeed showed a weak Musharraf, visibly ill. Mehwish was therefore angered at the treatment being given out to the ex-President due to political agendas.

“At least we can grant him that dignity. After all, does the law not say” Innocent till proven guilty,” Mehwish further added about Pervez Musharraf before resting her case.

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