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Michigan State University shooting; Three killed, 5 critically injured and the suspect dead

According to the police, suspect is 43-year-old Black male with no ties to university

A gunman killed three people and wounded five others in a shooting at Michigan State University on Monday night.

The suspect, who died of a self-inflicted wound, according to the local police, is a 43-year-old man who had no connection with the university.

Following the incident, hundreds of officers searched for the unidentified shooter on Monday night, as anxiety rippled across the campus and the nearby community of East Lansing.

As of early Tuesday morning, the five wounded people were in critical condition and were being treated at Sparrow Hospital, said Chris Rozman, the University Police Department’s interim deputy police chief.

The suspect had no connection to the university, he said, adding that it was not clear yet what connection the victims had.

“We have no idea why he came to campus tonight,” he added.

According to the university Police Department, the shots were fired on Monday night inside Berkey Hall, home to the school’s college of arts and sciences, and later at the M.S.U. the student union.

The Police had just released photos of the active shooter suspect following the incident.

According to the description provided by the local police, the shooter was a Black male, shorter in stature, with red shoes, a jean jacket, and wearing a baseball cap that is navy with a lighter brim.

Some unconfirmed reports claim that the shooter was MSU‘s former basketball player.

Following the incident, all campus activities have been cancelled for 48 hours, including classes and athletics at the university’s flagship East Lansing campus, a sprawling public academic centre with some 50,000 students, mostly undergraduates.

As reported, the latest incident in the series of shooting sprees happened at Michigan State University, on the eve of the five-year anniversary of the Parkland High School shooting, which had killed 17 people, mostly students.

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