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Milk prices hike by Rs 23 per litre

Welcome to Naya Pakistan


Welcome to Naya Pakistan, where everyday an average citizen has to suffer one blow after another by the government intent on increasing inflation.

The Pak rupee has become devalued in comparison to the dollar, oil, gas and electricity bills have hiked and that is in turn affecting day to day lives of an average Pakistani.

In a rather expected turn of events, the Diary Farming Association of Pakistan has now hiked milk prices by Rs 23.

Dairy farmers will now be selling milk to middlemen atRs108 per litre, which will directly affect the consumers.

According to Dairy Farm Association Chief Shakir Umar, the talks between the dairy farmers and Commissioner Karachi failed and thus the increase in price of the milk.

“We used to sell milk at Rs85 per litre to middlemen, however we have now started implementing the price increase,” he said.

The reason of the price increase is being termed the increasing cost of transport charges that have gone up due to costlier fuel, higher cow fodder costs and other expenses.

It will now be the decision of the middlemen and the shop keepers to sell milk at the same price to their end consumer or increase prices by Rs 23.

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