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Hasan Minhaj denied entry to Modi’s rally in Houston

Muslim stand-up comedian Hasan Minhaj, who criticized Modi’s government against occupation and oppression in Indian-held Kashmir recently, was denied entry to Indian Premiere’s rally held at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas on Sunday.

The event organizers faked lack of credentials and lack of accommodation for broadcast crew at the “Howdy Modi” event for Minhaj’s entry denial. While the Indian-American comedian has still not given any clarification as to why he was stopped from attending the rally.

Minhaj, who is popular as the host of his Netflix show Patriot Act, was refused for entry by the event organizer, Adam Matthew Weiss that there were “no press credentials and space available for him and his team”.

Contrary to the fact, the videos posted on social media as Weiss’ Instagram story showed up other media crews and ample of space in the press gallery at the venue.

A Muslim freelance journalist, Maria Kari reported that not only Minhaj was turned away by the handlers from attending the event, adding that she was also refused media credentials and was not allowed to attend the rally.

“I’m based in Houston where the #HowdyModi event is taking place right now. Instead of covering it live from the inside (like I did with Imran Khan’s rally in DC), I’m having to watch the event online because my Dawn News press pass was denied for some bullshit, fake reason.” She tweeted.

Kari, in another tweet wrote that Pakistan was censored in the whole event.

“A few moments ago the news anchor on the ground just said: “Pakistan is invisible at this event”. Well, yes, because you censored and kept us out. #HowdyModi @dawn_com”

“Looks like I’m not the only Muslim journalist who was blocked from attending the #HowdyModi event today. Damn,” she tweeted.

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