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Modi Gov Tries to Distract Attention from CAB Protests, Violates Ceasefire with Pakistan

In its attempt to divert attention from the ongoing crisis in the country, the Modi government violated ceasefire in the Dewa sector and other areas of LoC around the Kashmir region on Sunday. On the other end, the death toll in the countrywide protests against Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) has risen to 26.

As many as nine people died in clashes in Uttar Pradesh – the hub of current Hindu-Muslim tensions – whereas 263 people have injured out of the countryside tally of 500.

“Some of them died of bullet injuries, but these injuries are not because of police fire. The police have used only tear gas to scare away the agitating mob,” said Pravin Kumar, spokesperson of Uttar Pradesh police.

Within the country, 7,500 individuals have been arrested in regards to the protests that are being carried out in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kanpur, Jaipur, Mumbai, Muzaffargarh, Rampur and Bijnore.

As the tension escalates in the country, the Modi government is trying it’s best to distract the international community from the violence and state-imposed restrictions of internet and communications in the country. The attempt resulted as gunfire over Pakistan’s border which Pakistan had already expected.

“Pakistan warned the world on Sunday that while the international community was busy in Christmas preparations, Indian forces could stage a false flag operation to divert attention from its internal problems, especially deadly Indian police action against its peaceful Muslim demonstrators,” reported Dawn.

DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor also took to Twitter after the LoC violations on Sunday.

ISPR denies Indian claims saying “no major exchange of fire” in Kiran or Neelum valley

“Intermittent CFVs by Indian Army continue along the Line of Control (LoC) being befittingly responded,” the DG tweeted while adding that international community is being updated on India’s hostility.

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