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MQM Founder says He is Unable to Pay Bills due To ‘Financial Crisis’

The leader and founder of MQM, Altaf Hussain has revealed that he is highly vulnerable to pay bills and bear expenditures due to the financial crisis he is facing for quite so long.

Recently, the London High Court’s Deputy High Court Judge Peter Knox has issued freezing orders on the six properties controlled by the party founder following an application for their takeover by MQM-Pakistan.

On Monday night, the MQM leader’s deputy Mustafa Azizabadi showed a hand-written letter by Altaf Hussain from the MQM-London’s official Twitter account, appealing for funds and claiming that the Altaf Hussain financial situation has worsened.

The judge of the High Court London ordered that the party founder can continue to use six of the properties –Abbey View house, High View Gardens first house, Whitchurch Lane first house, Brookfield Avenue house, High View Gardens second house, Whitchurch Lane second house, and the MQM’s 1st Floor Elizabeth House office, once the dispute between MQM-Pakistan and Altaf Hussain would eased.

The court, furthermore, restricted Altaf Hussain and his associates from selling these properties.

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