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Multan Sultans pens ecommerce deal with Alliancez Inc

There were mumblings that Manchester United projected that ticket sales from Zlatan Ibrahimović will fund the transfer fee of Paul Pogba. That was about £95 million. Let’s be ultra conservative and presume that only it could cover about 10% of the transfer fee. Imagine that, just from shirt sales of 1 star.

English Premier Leagues, along with the US market perhaps remains the model for sports business. While the sports business in Pakistan remains in its infancy. With PSL, with considerable support from the government (in shape of PCB), and proactive sponsors, people are slowly starting to see the merits of selling sports as a business.

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In that spirit, Multan Sultans has inked a deal with Alliancez Inc. to be their technology partner for their online merchandise store. Alliancez Inc. guarantees rapid, reliable and robust information technology solutions that empowers brands. So now, fans could buy t-shirt of their favourite stars with a few clicks. So for the Shezdains, this will be your chance to get a shirt of your favourite batsman. You may never be as tall as Mohammad Irfan but you certainly can buy a shirt of his, of your own size now. And what about Kumara Sangakara? Legend of legends, the man himself. Captain Shoaib Malik, the most successful captain of domestic T20 cricket, you could buy his shirts. Or perhaps even a coach’s shirt with Wasim bhai’s name on it. Well the possibilities are endless whether it’s for the fans or the brand.

The ecommerce deal with Alliancez Inc. will allow Multan Sultans to exclusively sell merchandise to the fans. Having a strong technology partner like Alliancez Inc. will ensure that the fans do not face any type of hassle when buying their shirts. Sports Marketing is about brand building. Multan Sultan has associated Wasim Akram as their coach and Shoaib Malik as their captain. These are two big brand in their own right. Therefore, the fan connect is present. It is about providing them an avenue, a channel through which they can associate themselves to the brand.

 Alliancez Inc team

If PSL has to be a cash cow and not just a star (or in other words flash in the pan), individual brands will have to align loyal fan base and monetize it. This is the way forward.

Here is hoping Multan Sultans and Alliancez Inc. have a long and century (Cricketing pun intended) partnership!

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