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New Zealand police registers first ever terrorism case in Christchurch shootings

The case has been registered against Brenton Tarrant, who live broadcast mass killings in Christchurch via Facebook


New Zealand police have registered its first ever case of terrorism against Brenton Tarrant, the Christchurch mosque attacker, who broadcast mass shooting via Facebook killing almost 50 Muslims during the Friday prayers.

The police have charged Tarrant, accused of murder in March, with engaging in a terrorist act, the first time such in the country’s history.

“The charge will allege that a terrorist act was carried out in Christchurch,” Commissioner of Police Mike Bush said in a statement.

Along with a terrorist  act, additional charges of murder and two more charges of attempted murder have also been filed against Tarrant, making it 51 murder charges and 40 attempted murder againt Tarrant.

Brenton Tarrant will next appear in the court on June 14th. He was remanded in custody in April and ordered to undergo psychiatric assessment to determine if he was fit to stand trial.

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