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Nikki Haley signs Israeli ammunition with disgusting message despite brutal airstrikes on Rafah

Nikki Haley writes ‘finish them’ on IDF artillery shells during Israel visit

Nikki Haley signed Israeli ammunition with a disgusting message despite brutal airstrikes on Rafah!

Days after dozens of Palestinians were killed by Israeli air strikes against displacement camps in Rafah, Southern Gaza, former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley wrote “Finish them!” on Israeli artillery shells.

As reported, Nikki Haley, the failed Republican presidential nominee, signed Israeli artillery shells with the inscription “Finish Them!” on a Memorial Day visit to Israel.

The image was posted on the X platform by Danny Danon, a former Israeli ambassador to the United Nations and a noted hawkish member of Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party in the Knesset.

Danny Dannon’s post also included a message in Hebrew alluding to military strikes against southern Lebanon, referencing two Lebanese cities, according to Google Translate.

“This is what my friend, the former ambassador, Nikki Haley wrote today about a shell during a visit to an artillery post on the northern border,” Dannon wrote.

“The time has come to change the equation—the residents of Tyre and Sidon will evacuate, the residents of the north will return.

“The IDF can win!”

The former South Carolina governor’s graphic display of support came on a trip to Israel’s northern border with Lebanon reportedly on May 27. 

Hailey’s shell-signing activities came at a time when Israel continues its devastating military offensive in Gaza that has so far killed more than 36,000 Palestinians, an estimated 15,000 of them children.

The images of Haley signing the disgusting message have gone viral on social media sparking international condemnation. 

“Biden provided the shells, Republicans autograph them,” Yanis Varoufakis, former Greek minister of finance and pro-Palestine public intellectual, wrote on social media. “The U.S. political class is united in its complicity with this genocide.”

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