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Noor Jehan, the ailing elephant, examined by the international vets at Karachi Zoo

Four Paws team reached Karachi on April 4 to treat ‘partially immobile’ elephant Noor Jahan.

Noor Jehan, the ailing elephant, underwent an examination by the international vets at Karachi Zoo on Wednesday.

The Four Paws team of seven international experts, led by Egyptian veterinarian Dr Amir Khalil reached the metropolis on Tuesday in response to a request made by Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC).

The team on Wednesday examined the pachyderm’s feet for which cranes and other heavy machinery were used.

While talking to the media, Marina Ivanova, a member of the Four Paws team, said the elephant was supported by a crane to stand on her feet to examine her painful ankle, which would take at least two hours.

“A report will be prepared after checking the infection in the elephant’s toe,” Ivanova said adding, “X-ray and endoscopy of elephant’s foot will also be done.”

Dr Amir Khalil said that his team was doing everything possible to bring the elephant back on its feet.

“The elephant has been made to get up with the help of a crane and if it is allowed to lie down again on the ground, it will be impossible for us to stand her up again,” Dr Khalil added.


A day earlier, a meeting was also held with the administrator Karachi and the zoo administration regarding Noor Jahan’s treatment.

A seven-member team of international experts held a detailed discussion with Dr Syed Saifur Rahman.


According to a press statement issued by Four Paws, recent reports and images show Noor Jehan in serious physical distress.

The 17-year-old African elephant will receive a thorough veterinary examination to determine her future care, it said.

“Since 2021, Four Paws has strongly recommended relocating Noor Jehan and her companion Madhubala from Karachi Zoo to a species-appropriate place that offers better living conditions for the elephants,” it added,

However, no measures to relocate them have been taken, Four Paws said.

“Pakistan has taken great steps for animal welfare in the last three years by protecting the natural rights of animals under the Constitution and banning elephant imports, as recommended by Four Paws,” the animal welfare organisation said.


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