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Noor Mukadam Murder Case: Zahir Jaffer retracts from his confessional statement

Zahir Jaffer, primary accused in the Noor Mukadam murder case, retracts from his confessional statement!

Zahir Jaffer claimed that Noor Mukadam was murdered during a drug party.

Zahir Jaffer’s lawyers on Wednesday, presented their client’s replies to a court’s questionnaire before a district and session’s court in Islamabad.

The accused maintained that he and his parents were falsely implicated in the case, that state machinery and media were used against him and raised objections over the case’s investigation and collection of evidence.

Lawyers Shahryar Nawaz and Usman Riaz Gul represented Zahir at today’s proceedings, read out the accused’s replies to the queries before Additional Sessions Judge Atta Rabbani.

“When the party started, I lost consciousness under the influence of drugs and when I regained consciousness, I found myself tied up at my house,” Zahir said. 

“Hours later, when I regained consciousness, I found myself tied up in the lounge,” he said, adding that he later got to know someone at the party had killed Noor.

The accused in the  submitted replies said that he had not been in contact with Noor for the past six months before her murder. 

According to him, Noor had come to his house out of her own will on July 18.

“I never kidnapped her,” he stated. 

Zahir Jaffer added that the DNA test conducted had turned out positive due to their intimate relationship.

He said this in response to a question about the allegation levelled against him of wrongfully confining Noor at his house and a DNA test establishing that he had raped her.

In his  replies, Zahuir maintained that his relationship with Noor was consensual, they were good friends and that he was innocent.

“Our families knew about it (their relationship) and the deceased used to attend our family functions. Similarly, I and my family members also used to attend her family functions,” Zahir said in his replies.

About the case investigation, prime accused went on to say that after a while, when people in police uniform and plain clothes came to his residence, he then got to know that someone at the party had killed Noor.

“I and my parents have been falsely implicated in this case as the incident took place at my house,” he said.

Zahir further said the complainant, Noor’s father Shaukat Mukadam, and his relatives were present at his house before police arrived.

“But police did not investigate anyone who was in touch with Noor,” and added that the “state machinery and the media were used against me”.

Zahir submitted in his replies added that the murder weapon found at the crime scene diddnt have his fingerprints.

“They also recovered a pistol, which was licensed and present at my house. Police [connived] with the complainant to make it a part of the case property. This is why the pistol’s forensic report did not [conclude] that my fingerprints were found,” he claimed.

Saman Siddiqui

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