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Here are the Official Fitrana and Fidya Rates for Ramadan 2019

Fitrana for the Ramadan 2019 has been set at Rs.100 per head in accordance with the price of 2.25kg of wheat. This is the second time in a row the Fitrana has been calculated at the same rate.

Muslims who wish to pay in accordance with the price of barley, dates, raisins and cheese have to pay Rs.400, Rs.1600, Rs.1920 and Rs.2940 per head respectively. Fitrana as per the price of oats will be Rs.240.

Sadqa-e-Fitr or commonly known as Fitrana is the obligatory charity Muslims have to pay (any time before Eid prayers) to embark their gratitude for being able to complete the fasts. Financially weak relatives, neighbors and poor of the society are all eligible for Fitrana.

In a statement to media, Mufti Muneeb ur Rehman requested Muslims to pay Fitrana as early as possible during Ramadan. He emphasized on the importance of early Fitrana as that will help the needy people celebrate the festivities of Eid alongside the privileged ones.

Additionally, the Fidya (compensation for not being able to fast) has been set at Rs.3000 per head as per the price of wheat.

Aisha Arshad

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