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Pakistani teacher, Ahmed Saya, shortlisted for Cambridge University’s “Most Dedicated Teacher Award”

It gave us great pride to mention Mr. Ahmed Saya's name as Pakistan's only nominee


He came into the class as a whirlwind of energy. While we sat there and listened to him make Math seem almost as easy as ABC, we never thought, this one teacher would make our hearts swell with pride one fine day. We were one of his very first students, yet with the dedication he helped us shaped our future, we began to believe in ourselves.

Its been some time since we’ve passed O and A Levels but we still attribute our love for Math to Mr. Ahmed Abbas Saya.

To us, he taught Math but Ahmed Saya is a renowned O and A Levels, Math, Additional Math and Accounting teacher, currently teaching in a renowned private school in Karachi, and now he’s been nominated by the University of Cambridge for the most Dedicated Teacher Award 2019.

According to a tweet, shared by the University of Cambridge, it was a tough decision, however, the judges decided the six finalists for the Dedicated Teacher Awards 2019.

“He’ll always be ready to spare his weekends whenever a student needs his help, be it academically or anything personal. I have seen him when CAIEs approach, he spends sleepless nights, conducting extra classes, catering each and every student’s problem so that each one excels. I have never seen someone who checks your homework everyday in a class of 100 students just to ensure that each and everyone is on track. He actually deserves this for working so hard to ensure that his students are good humans,” says Ahmed Saya’s profile on the website.

And this might just be a bio, but being his student we’re not only partial regarding Ahmed Saya but have also experienced it first hand.

Other short listed teachers from around the world include:

  1. Abhinandan Bhattacharya, JBCN International School: Oshiwara, India
  2. Anthony Chelliah, Gateway College, Sri Lanka
  3. Candice Green, St Augustine’s College, Australia
  4. Jimrey Dapin, University of San Jose-Recoletos, Philippines
  5. Sharon Kong Foong, Sunway College, Malaysia

Voting for the award will remain open till January 27, 2019, and the “the lucky winner will win a trip to Cambridge, UK, as well as CPD opportunities for their school”.

So head onto the Cambridge website and vote for Mr. Ahmed Saya and make him win. Because he deserves to win this. Lets make an effort guys and do our part to make him win this award, just like he blackened his nights to get us our grades in the CIEs.


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