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Qandeel Baloch Murder Case: Here’s how Pakistani twitter reacted over the verdict

Qandeel's brother was given life imprisonment


On Friday, Qandeel Baloch’s murder case verdict was finally announced. The prime suspect in murder case Qandeel Baloch’s brother Mohammad Waseem was sentenced for life imprisonment for murdering her.

The other suspects who were nominated in the murder case, including cleric Mufti Abdul Qavi, her other brother Aslam Shaheen, Haq Nawaz, Abdul Basit, and Mohammad Zafar Hussain were acquitted by the court.

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Well,  in a country like Pakistan, where honour killing is unfortunately practiced, people are celebrating for this verdict thinking that justice is finally served.

However, a few questions are being raised thinking, is it a just decision? keeping in mind Molvi Qavi’s involvement, the evidence, and calls which involved him, but he was acquainted. Leaving people thinking how can he be been easily cleared out of all this including other suspects who may have a major role in the murder or for evoking Qandeel’s brother for the murder.

Here is how Pakistani Twitter reacted over this verdict:  feelings.

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