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PML-N leader slams FayyazChohan for his obsession with Maryam Nawaz’s shoes

"Chohan, [it seems] you have been hired just keep tabs on how much Maryam Nawaz's shoes cost."

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Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz’s (PMLN)  lawmaker Uzma Bukhari called out ruling party’s Minister Fayyazul Hassan Chohan for his obsession with PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz’s shoes

Responding to a press conference earlier in the day by PTI minister, Uzma Bukhari said: “Chohan, [it seems] you have been hired just keep tabs on how much Maryam Nawaz’s shoes cost.”

Bukhari also criticized another PTI member, Prime Minister’s aide, Dr Shahbaz Gill, saying “it seems Gill’s duty was to be the master analyst on Nawaz Sharif’s food”.

“[And] it is now Fayyaz Chohan’s duty to check what brand of shoes Maryam Nawaz wears,” said Bukhari — who is also the information secretary of the PML-N’s Punjab chapter.

“Maryam Nawaz is getting on the nerves of this ‘puppet’ government,” Bukhari said.

Earlier in the day, Chohan had criticized the Maryam Nawaz saying that “Anything Maryam Nawaz partakes in leads to the world laughing at her”.

“[Former US president Barack] Obama’s daughter works in a burger shop while Begum Safdar Awan wears shoes worth Rs250,000,” he added.

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