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Prices of various commodities skyrocketed in Pakistan including Ghee, LPG, tomatoes, chicken meat

Prices of various commodities skyrocketed in Pakistan including Ghee, tomatoes, potatoes, and LPG!

According to the weekly report released by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), inflation in the country has increased by 12.66%. 

The rate of inflation was recorded at 0.2% last week. 

The bureau, in the report,  prices of 22 items saw an increase over the last week,— including tomatoes, potatoes, ghee, mutton, and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders — have become more expensive.

The year-on-year trend depicts an increase of 12.66 percent with most of the prices of the items increased including:

  1. LPG (64.60 percent)
  2. electricity for Q1 (61.11 percent),
  3. mustard oil (43.82 percent)
  4. vegetable ghee 1kg (41.55 percent)
  5. vegetable ghee 2.5kg (39.94 percent)
  6. cooking oil 5-liter (38.70 percent), chilies powdered (33.43 percent)
  7. gents sandal (33.37 percent)
  8. chicken (30.08 percent)
  9. washing soap (26.61 percent)
  10. garlic (22.78 percent)
  11. petrol (22.22 percent)
  12. diesel (17.13 percent)

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The Sensitive Price Indicator (SPI) for the week ended October 14, 2021, recorded an increase of 0.20 percent due to an increase in the prices of food items including tomatoes (19.21 percent), mustard oil (3.12 percent), tea prepared (2.12 percent), cooked daal (1.55 percent), tea Lipton (1.48 percent), and cooked beef (1.32 percent), and non-food items including LPG (2.07 percent) and washing soap (1.98 percent)

During the week, out of 51 items, prices of 22 (43.13 percent) items increased, 10 (19.60 percent) items decreased, and 19 (37.25 percent) items remained stable, said the PBS in the weekly SPI data.

The commodities, which recorded an increase in their average prices in a week:

tomatoes (19.21 percent), mustard oil (3.12 percent), tea prepared (2.12 percent), LPG (2.07 percent), Sufi washing soap (1.98 percent), cooked daal (1.55 percent), tea Lipton Yellow Label (1.48 percent), cooked beef (1.32 percent), potatoes (0.92 percent), vegetable ghee Dalda/Habib or other superior quality 1kg pouch each (0.86 percent), vegetable ghee Dalda/Habib 2.5kg tin each (0.78 percent), cooking oil Dalda or other similar brands, 5-litre tin each (0.75 percent), Georgette (0.62 percent), firewood whole 40kg (0.51 percent), mutton (0.40 percent), garlic (0.28 percent), rice irri-6/9 (0.24 percent), shirting (0.17 percent), beef with bone (0.17 percent), long cloth 57″ Gul Ahmed/Al Karam1mtr (0.13 percent), rice basmati broken (0.10 percent), and gur (0.06 percent).

The commodities which recorded a decrease in weekly SPI data:

in their prices during the period under review include sugar (6.28 percent), eggs (3.80 percent), moong (3.03 percent), onions (1.61 percent), chicken (1.47 percent), pulse gram (0.94 percent), bananas (0.93 percent), wheat flour bag 20kg (0.91 percent), daal masoor (0.58 percent), and daal maash (0.56 percent).

The commodities whose prices remained unchanged in the weekly SPI data:

bread plain (small size), milk fresh, curd, powdered milk Nido 390gm polybag each, salt powdered, chilies powder, cigarettes Capstan 20’s packet each, lawn printed Gul Ahmed/Al Karam1mtr, gents sandal Bata pair, gents sponge chappal Bata pair, ladies sandal Bata pair, electricity charges for Q1 per unit, gas charges, energy saver, matchbox, petrol super, hi-speed diesel, telephone call charges, and toilet soap Lifebuoy.

Meanwhile, the prices of various commodities have also skyrocketed at utility stores across the country.

Citizens are now to put at least 20% more in their domestic budgets.

Check out the increase in prices of various household items:

  • The price of 2kg of washing powder has also been increased from Rs10 to settle at Rs21,
  • The price of 100 grams of body lotion has been increased by Rs20.
  • The price of 42 mg of shoe polish has been increased by Rs10,
  • The price of 500 ml of liquid bleach for clothes has been increased by Rs20
  • The price of one litre of toilet cleaner has been increased to Rs41 at utility stores.
  • The price of 180 ml of different brands of shampoos has gone up by Rs4,
  • the price of 60 grams of bath soap has gone up by Rs15,
  • the price of 228 ml of hand wash has gone up by Rs9
  • the price of 800 ml bottle of the sharbat has gone up by Rs40.
  • The price of 300 grams of pickle has been increased by Rs20, it will now cost Rs44
  • Furthermore many other edible and household items, including noodles, pesticides, and dishwashers, have also gone up.


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