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Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal aircraft forced to abort landing in Islamabad during storm

After spending day 4 in Lahore of their royal visit, the royal couple landed back in Lahore.

Prince William and Kate’s Royal Aircraft Forced to Abort landing in Islamabad during storm

The Royal aircraft carrying Prince William and Kate Middleton back to Islamabad after spending day 4 of the royal historic visit in Lahore, was forced to land back at Lahore after getting caught in the storm.

The plane had to abort its landing in Islamabad, the news was shared by the royal reporter who was also traveling on the same flight.

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ITV’s royal reporter Chris Ship, reported, “After shaking around in the air, the RAF Voyager used for the #royalvisitPakistan turned around and has just landed back in Lahore (where we started),” he wrote on Twitter.

Sharing deets from the flight he has further shared that “Prince William (a pilot) just joked that *he was fine. Even if the rest of the plane and royal press corps were looking a little shaken”.

Royal reporter Simon Perry also wrote about it on his own account. “Phew. Landed! But in Lahore. A terrifying electrical storm hit as we tried to land at Islamabad. Lightning seemed to be crashing around the right-wing. Despite the best efforts of the pilot William and Kate’s RAF Voyager plane we couldn’t land there.”

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