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Prince William Urges Pakistan to Raise Awareness on Climate Change

The Duke of Cambridge visited Chiatibo Glacier where he was shown depreciating glacier

Prince William Urges Pakistan to Raise Awareness on Climate Change

Earlier today the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Prince William and Kate Middleton reached the Chitral region on the third day of their Pakistan tour. The couple was also shown Chiatibo Glacier near Broghil National Park which is depreciating every year due to global warming.

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The Duke, known for his climate activism, discussed the need to create awareness on the matter which is a pressing issue for the country and the world.

“Communities vulnerable to change needed more awareness of climate change,” said Prince William as he stood at the glacier retreating 10 meters every year due to higher temperatures.

The Duke also stated that young people were “starting to get engaged”, adding that a “positive conversation” around the issue was needed, reported BBC.

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived in Chitral via helicopter today in the morning. Duchess Kate was also presented with a Chitrali hat similar to her late mother in law Princess Diana was given at her visit to the same region 28 years ago.

William and Kate are going to be in the country for another two days for the trip requested by Pakistanis foreign ministry and commonwealth.

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